Look Your Best With A Custom Tailored Shirt For Every Occasion in Singapore

Get A Custom Tailored Shirt Every Man Deserves

For Important Occasions

Tailored shirts are designed for everyday office wear and important occasions such as weddings, black tie events, award ceremonies, etc.

Tailored Seamlessly To Fit

Every custom tailored men's shirt designed at Esquire Atelier is tailored exclusively to seamlessly fit to your body's measurement

Proprietary Perfect Fit System

While using our proprietary 3-step perfect fit system to get you the perfect fit, we also recommend the appropriate style for your custom tailored shirt.

Free Styling Consultation

If you are ready to get the best possible fit of a custom tailored shirt you have seen in your entire life, simply book a Free Styling Consultation (Worth $97) with us, and let's get you the perfect shirt.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Tailored Shirts in Singapore

A custom tailored shirt could cost anywhere from $79 onwards.

At Esquire Atelier, we strive to tailor a custom tailored shirt that fits your body measurements.

Tailoring is worth the money simply because it’s important for you to look your best in every occasion. If you are attending an important occasion, you could look amazingly dashing with a custom tailored shirt.

Depending on our schedule, it could take anywhere from 3 days all the way to 2 weeks. Your best bet is to book a styling consultation with us and we will give you a more accurate estimate.

Depending on the build of your body, there could be a variations of shirt that you could go for. We customise down to the inner linings, buttons and patterns of the shirts. Book a free styling consultation with us to find out more.

Claim Your Free Custom Tailored Suit Styling Consultation (Worth $97)